Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Fred Broski has an ungrateful daughter

In a previous post, I mentioned that circa 1970s Kansas City weatherman Fred Broski has a daughter.

Fred's daughter, Julie Broski, is now a weekend meteorologist at KCTV-5, the Kansas City CBS affilliate station. On the KCTV-5 website, there are bio pages for all its on-air staff. On Julie Broski's page, there is no mention of her father Fred Broski!

It's all well and good to want to establish your own reputation, but this is just ungrateful. You don't Trotski your own dad. She's probably already scheming to send him up to Silvercrest.

The following image has no real relevance to the above story. It's just a tribute to the Halloween candy sugar high.


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Sparkle Plenty said...

I think "anonymous" might be Julie Broski, and I think "Trotski" just might be my new favorite verb.

Gardner Viewer said...

Julie is no longer with KCTV-5 and the station is searching for her replacement.

Kristin Ward Rivera said...

I have known the Broski family for over forty years and you have got it all wrong. I first met Julie when I was seven and she has always been a very grateful, compassionate and loving daughter...I am sure that wasn't on her bio either. Enjoy your day :)