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We're trying to work in a demographic.

So, what two current American Idol contestants have the following characteristics:

A. Named after Central American dictators.
B. Kind of remind me of popular actresses of stage and screen.

Give up?

Here they are:

Jason Castro, who reminds me of...

Lisa Edelstein, who plays "Dr. Cuddy" on the popular "House" TV program.

Danny Norriega, who reminds me of...

Jessica Alba, who played "Mrs. Fantastic Four."

I'm sorry.

It's just that, The American Idol, it's a very popular show...

Hard Boiled

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How To Care For Your Retainer


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Today's Connie Selleca Video


"You no longer exist!"

Here's more info on Connie Selleca.

She co-starred on both "The Greatest American Hero" tv show and the 1979 "Captain America" tv movie. She also was once married to tv's "Buck Rogers," Gil Gerard. She is currently married to John Tesh.

Robot Gift Mania

See the Actual News Story.

("Robot Gift Mania" is anagram for "Martian Bigfoot.")