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Alien Dinosaur Presents:

(? New Vole and Guest Star...)

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Tree of Cheese

More Crime From My Home Town

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I think that maybe my uncle used to live in that building.

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True Facts!

Elton John wrote the song "Tiny Dancer" as a tribute to tennis player Martina Navratilova.


(Member of the 60s pop band "The Monkees") Peter Tork's mom invented popular drain cleaning product "Liquid Plumr."


Elizabeth Mary "Tipper" Gore's roommate at Boston University was pop singer Rickie Lee Jones. That is why she is the only musician who does not need to carry a warning label on her CDs.


The real last name of comedy stunt-man "Super" Dave Osborn (recently appearing in the movie "Ocean's Thirteen") and his brother, comedian Robert Klein, is "Oppenheimer." That's right, Robert Klein's real name is Robert Oppenheimer, the same as the scientist who headed the Manhattan Project, where they created the first atomic bomb.


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Cell Phone Camera Dump Wednesday

The back door of a Starbucks in Sudbury:
(They have some sort of Vampire Problem.)

In your grocer's produce section:
("If we had ham, we could have ham and eggs, if we had eggs...")

Brooklyn, near the future home of the Nets:
(Eminent domain is imminent.)

Also Brooklyn, taped up in the Atlantic St. subway station:
(Get right with God.)

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