Monday, April 06, 2009

Pictures from Detroit


The parking lot said...

'They paved paradise and put up a Detroit.'

-Joni Mitchell

the Beatles said...


The Inferior Beatles said...

Detroit Tripper?


The Still Inferior Beatles said...

Michigan Mystery Tour?


The Increasingly Inferior Beatles said...

Michigan (That's What I Don't Want)?


Sparkle Plenty said...


Stuff I love and wonder:
1) The green paint around the holes that makes ‘em look like weird, googly sidewalk eyes!
2) The fanciest sewer regulator cover I have ever, ever, ever seen.
3) The GM building: Who are the guys in the statues?
4) Did you eat in that restaurant?
5) Is that a greedy little sailor statue holding a giant sub?
6) In the “Pretty Bouquet” store picture, is the womanly shadow with the gifted and talented booty apologizing to the angry manly shadow with the one pendulous breast (I know, I know it’s an elbow) by giving him flowers? Or is she handing him a mylar balloon? I can’t tell.
7) Can you actually go to the John K. King used and rare bookstore? Is it open? And, if you try to walk in the front door, does a giant hand grab you and toss you up on the roof playfully?