Thursday, March 01, 2007

I almost had a baby.

This morning.

And nobody cares.

Telling someone that you ALMOST had a baby is worse than telling someone about a dream you had.

Almost had a baby stories are the all time worst stories. Why? BECAUSE NOTHING HAPPENS. You DIDN'T HAVE A BABY!!! And neither did most people that day.

Don't tell me about it. Nothing happened. And I certainly don't want to hear a story with the punchline of nothing happening. So go pound out a baby and tell me about it....I'll be all severed ears. But if you avoid said baby maybe you can go write it in your diary. Though even Dear Diary doesn't care.

(I once dreamed about almost having a baby....I almost slept with a vat of pudding after said vat got pregnant. Or something. Thank god I used "protection," huh?)

Don't get it?
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Anonymous said...

I don't get it and I'm not sure I want to either. Sometimes too close a view into the mind of Clinky is not really what the doctor ordered.

Cannibal chickens invade Lilydale. 3 dead. 2 banished. Ought to wring their nasty little necks. Threw one out in the snowstorm. Bet you don't get that at a comic convention!