Monday, January 15, 2007

Crap! I left my cell phone on the nightstand!

I haven't talked about current events here lately, so here we about the President's New Plan?

Everybody seems to think it's a bad idea. But here's the thing: It really doesn't matter. The thing about the Iraq War is not that it was a bad idea in the first place, (it probably was), but that it was executed so badly. Not by the soldiers, but by the planners in the White House. You can look that up; I don't like to post stuff that you can read elsewhere, and I think that second to porn, the most common subject on the internet is "What Bush Did Wrong." (very distant second.)

So even if he had stood there Wednesday, all "Max Headroom," and told us that his new strategy was to "declare victory and get out," I would be apprehensive. Because he'd find some way to fuck it up. They'd have no plan, they'd forget to give the Iraqis important information, they'd do it in whichever way would get the rest of the world the most pissed off at us. Again, it would not be the fault of the soldiers. They would carry out the idiotic orders coming down from the Commander in Chief with honor, and he'd end up getting them killed with bad timing, indifference to profiteering and corruption, and inabillity to understand the region in any way at all. Haliburton, of course, would make several billion dollars.

It would be like your college buddy who calls you up to help him move out of his apartment. But none of his shit is packed, he's not sure when the movers are coming, the super is supposed to meet him at the new apartment with the keys, but he can't find his phone number, so we'll have to sit outside on the stoop for a few hours.

At least we'd be out, but there's no way we'd get our deposit back.

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