Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Posts get deleted but still show up in my RSS reader.

Yes, this blog has become a series of inside jokes between me and a Canadian woman. Who lives in Canada.


Cake said...

HA! Yeah, I know...RSS feeds are my nemesis.

That barrel is Canadian-made quality, you can just tell.

Sparkle Plenty said...

I feel like I should know what's happening here...But I don't! I must say, however, that I've never worn an outfit like that in my life. Also: My boobs do NOT look like sad old basset hounds. I demand a re-draw.

(I always have dinosaurs growing out of the side of my skirts, 'though, that much is so...)

Cake not signed in said...


I posted a post and then deleted it for no particular reason except that it's my blog and I can delete if I like...BUT I forgot that a few people get the blog as soon as I post it (via feeds). So Clinky is being a clever little inside joke 'bot and referencing something that was in the deleted post.