Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Flying Home From Las Vegas

I was flying home from Las Vegas yesterday. As we take off, I realize that the TV at my seat doesn't work. So I'm watching movies on my iPod, about 2 hours into the flight. I'm watching the movie "Frost/Nixon." In the movie, David Frost is on his way to interview Richard Nixon and chatting up a girl on an airplane. Suddenly, I hear a pilot announce "We'll be beginning our approach to Los Angeles shortly."

I'm a liitle worried by this announcement, as I had hoped to be returning to New York. A flight attendant walks by, and I ask her "This flight is going to New York, yes?"

"Yes," she replies, looking at me quizzically.

About then I realize that the pilot's announcement was actually on the soundtrack of the movie I was watching, that it was
David Frost on the plane that was beginning its approach to Los Angeles.

"Never mind." I told the flight attendant.

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Sparkle Plenty said...

To sum up: You were chatting up the flight attendant! Scamp.