Friday, May 02, 2008

Important Message!

If you go to see the movie "Iron Man," make absolutely sure you stay to the end of the credits. This ain't no Cloverfield scratchy voice in the dark, this ain't no fool Billy Idol lip, it's worth watching the 700 computer graphic artist names. Oh, and there's an earlier scene where Tony refers to his driver as "Hoagy."


Sparkle Plenty said...

Dear Clinky,

Shame on you, sir! How dare you provide this spoiler? I was looking forward to counting the computer graphic artists' names. At least you didn't name them all here and have left me 700 surprises in that respect (although there are a few givens--including Walter Hennapin, Randolph Mantooth, and Surly Temple).

You saw "Iron Man" at a drive-in movie theatre, did you not? (Just say yes, please.)

Have a great weekend,
Sparkle Plenty

Lois Lane said...

Haven't seen it yet --- we have a sitter lined up so we can do so next weekend (oh, and have a grown up dinner away from the kids too, but Iron Man is this geek's priority).

But I do have a good idea of what the scene at the very end is, and I'm kinda giddy about seeing it.

Oh hell, it's Friday. I'm just giddy in general.

Anonymous said...

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