Thursday, May 03, 2007

Piktures mit Kaptions

So, for our first picture, I was at the movies, seeing a movie called "The Tripper," about a dude that dresses up like Ronald Reagan and chops up hippies in the woods. In the empty restroom, there was an open, full, bag of almond M&Ms, in the urinal.

Next, a squirrel in Brooklyn.

So, I was helping someone move, and after, we go out for a hamburger, and to exchange stories about being wronged by mid-range celebrities. The sign below was on the wall.

One morning, I'm awakened by helicopters. I turn on the TV and apparently there's a traffic tie-up in my neighborhood. Apparently, you've got to drive a little slower when you take those SUVs around corners.

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cake said...

Mmm, urinal chocolate...